Nimpo Lake is well known for it’s fishing. Lots of people come here for a multi day trip to get out on the lake. Whether you take your own boat or rent one of ours, a nice meal at the end of the day is guaranteed.
There is a public boat launch right next to our park to make it convenient for you to launch your boat in the water.

In case you don’t have the possibility to bring your own boat, we offer boat rentals so you are not missing out.


We have one motorized boat available for rent, which will be two in the near future. If you either want to go fishing, just cruise around on the lake or explore some of the small islands that are located in Nimpo Lake, a fun day on the lake is guaranteed.


There are several hikes to do in the area, ranging from easy walks to strenuous hikes. You can choose to go on a full day hike or you can go for a hike for a couple hours, there’s something available for everyone.

Think about Anahim Peak, a moderate to strenuous day hike, or Kappan mountain, a 3 to 4 hour moderate hike.

If you prefer to just stretch your legs and go for an easy walk with no elevation, the Nimp Lake trails and/or the precipice Rimrock trail and Hotnarko Falls are great alternatives.


Always wanted to fly in a float plane? This is your chance!

Book a tour with one of the outfitters located nearby our park. You will be flying over the Rainbow Mountains, Monarch Glaciers and Turner Lake and Hunlen falls. For whoever wants to, you can make a short stop on Turner Lake to walk down to the Hunlen falls – Canadas highest free falling waterfall.


Apart from the activities that can be done at the park, there is also a lot to see in the area. You definitely shouldn’t miss out on the places mentioned below.


The rainbow mountains is a beautiful mountain range located in Tweedsmuir national park, about a 30 min drive from the RV park. There are several hikes to choose from. There is a nice easy 3 hour hike that takes you to a viewpoint where you can see the rainbow mountains on one side and the coast mountain range on the other side. There are also several possibilities to go for a full day hike. Make sure you are bear aware when hiking the rainbow mountains.



Charlotte Lake is a great place to spend some time at on a hot summer day. It has a big sandy beach to relax on and the water is really shallow, great for kids to play in! The drive to the lake is nice too and you’ll have quite a big chance to see a bear on the side of the road.



If you either want to be at the coast, go for a hike or see some culture, Bella Coola is the place to be. There is a museum that outlines the human history of the Bella Coola Valley from European contact to 1955, you can check out the harbour or do one of the amazing hikes. Bella Coola offers you several hikes. Think about the Odegaard falls, the schoolhouse falls or if you have a 4x4, a drive up to blue jay lake and grey jay lake should definitely be on your list.